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Netflix filming in Cave Spring

Netflix filming in Cave Spring

By Adam Carey

Jan 13, 2024

Cobra Kai to film in the Cave at Cave Spring

Netflix’s Cobra Kai filmed several scenes early January in Cave Spring and began wrapping up Friday, local officials confirmed. It’s unclear exactly what is being filmed in Cave Spring, and whether any of the main characters are on location. However, the filming took place inside Cave Spring’s cave, Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism Executive Director Lisa Smith confirmed.

The show, which is now filming its sixth season, is a continuation of the Karate Kid movie franchise, which began with the namesake Karate Kid movie in 1984 and starred Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.

Cobra Kai picks up 30 years later as William Zabka’s character, Johnny Lawrence, decides to re-open the Cobra Kai dojo amid a slew of family and business problems.

Season six was originally scheduled to begin shooting early in 2023. However, a writers strike which earlier that year brought domestic film and TV production to a halt. They began filming again the week of January 9th.

Much of the season will be shot in and around Atlanta, but previous seasons have been shot in various locations in Los Angeles as well as Marietta.

Show creator Jon Hurwitz has said this will be the final season, as they wanted to finish before they outstayed their welcome. “Netflix didn’t tell us it was the last season. We told them it was the last season,” Hurwitz said on his X profile. “We’ve always wanted to end ‘Cobra Kai’ on our own terms and we are grateful we have the opportunity to do so. But that doesn’t mean we’re finished with the Miyagiverse. We love this world.”

Season six is scheduled to appear on Netflix later this year.

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