Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Downtown Development Authority is a body of seven members created and appointed by the City Council and recognized by the State of Georgia as a public entity with a specified set of powers and a specific purpose or mission to:
  • Revitalize and redevelop the downtown business district of Cave Spring
  • Develop and promote for the public good and general welfare, trade commerce, industry, and employment opportunities and promote the general welfare of the city and state by creating a climate favorable to the location of new industry, trade and commerce within the downtown area.
  • Finance projects within the downtown business district that will develop and promote the public good and general welfare.

If you wish to start a business or invest in Cave Spring, please email the Downtown Development Authority at You can also visit the Downtown Development Authority Office, located in the Cave Spring Welcome Center & Museum, at 4 Rome Road, Cave Spring, GA 30124.

DDA Mission Statement
"Remembering the past, improving the present, and building a strong future.  Making available resources that encourage growth and prosperity while improving the quality of life."


Regular Meetings

DDA Monthly Meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6PM at the Welcome Center. Call the Welcome Center for more information.


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The DDA is located at the Cave Spring Welcome Center & Museum in the historic Asbury House at 4 Rome Road, Cave Spring, Georgia 30124.

Veteran's Brick Order Form

Veteran's Brick Order Form

Non-Veteran's Brick Order Form

Non-Veteran's Brick Order Form

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DDA Board Members
Curtis Burch - Chairman
Larry Dolan - DDA Director
Tele 706-331-3005
Missey Gomez
Billy Wayne Abernathy
Andrew Jones
Tim Ayers
Linde Marie Wentz



General Contact Information
City of Cave Spring
Downtown Development Authority
P.O. Box 365
Cave Spring, GA 30124

4 Rome Rd; Historic Asbury House
Cave Spring, GA 30124

Phone: 706-331-3005

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